Friday, August 31, 2007

23 Of 23 - Final But Not Last

Ok, I'll make this quick.

No, this isn't the end of mrpr on Blogger.

Simply, I have a project to work on for Regional, and I can excel past "23 Things" thanks to what I did for 23 Things.

I was asked to help Jessica in Wicomico out with tying video games with teen patron needs in a library environment.

I'll track thoughts here in a separate blog, use some of the tools form 23 Things, and go from there.

I'll also start off with a thought.

I've seen ads, on TV and on the 'net, for company called Gametap.

I simply wonder if they have wide licensing for libraries...

And they seem to handle the whole pirating thing well, you just play and download as need be already so...

I don't know, something for next week.

Same Rako time, same Rako channel.

22 Of 23: Audiobooks

When it comes to audio books, I like to mention a few things prior to fulfilling the requested tasks for this Thing.

I wonder how libraries are really going to deal with the hardware and software aspects of cataloged audio books for their patrons. And that's if the libraries even decide they can afford such a thing, because right now it can't be that cheap, and I'm sure vendors will sell you their take at an arm/leg/head price.

Also how will they protect the files from patron pirating? I mean, if I choose to, I could go to a video rental joint, especially one that has a wide choice like Blockbuster, and go to town on renting and burning the DVD I choose at home. Heck, I now of some DVD unites that copy on the fly as needed. Yeah, anyone can do this if they read a manual, get enough disks, and take some time to watch and burn. Some units seem to allow you to make a copy as you watch, which is smart. So, what'll stop me from doing this at a library for its audio books or DVDs?

Ah, the good ol' conscience kicks in. Well, at least for me.

For Project Gutenberg I found this:

21 Of 23: Podcasts

I ended up going to Podcast Alley. It lead me to a show called Port City PD that for some reason grabbed me.

Maybe it's two tough cops as a duo that hit me. Hmm, thanks Mom and Dad for raising me on Miami Vice and Wiseguy.

No, really, thanks.

What got to me of the three directories listed is how many ads I had to put up with to get to any real content.

Matter of fact, I found Port City PD via an ad, and clicked it only because it didn't seem so intrusive to me as a simple guest/visitor of Podcast Alley.

For actual podcasts I like them, and yet I hate them at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a "radio-like" experience, I just don't understand why people feel as if a "recording" is really any good. Shouldn't we be moving to real action videos of what the "podcasting revolution" is all about?

Maybe I'm wrong.

20 Of 23 - YouTube

Whoo! I've been waiting for this:

Ok, no questions, just watch.

You Tube rocks, but if you ever use MySpace, it has a pretty wide "variety" of videos too. Go here for that.

The only thing I need to mention is the ol' who moderates what when it comes to YouTube. Just look up "how to pick a lock" in YouTube. 'nuff said.

19 Of 23: Web 2.0 Awards List - There's Three

Here's the link to the 2007 awards list (short):

Damn, this is neat. I choose a few, not just one.

Ok, Camfire,, and Cocktail Builder all won my choice.

Before hoping into each, think of it this way. You work with your comrades. You talk/communicate/share through Campfire, keep track on, or don't since it's done automatically, and you call it a day with everyone comparing drinks on Cocktail Builder.

So what could be better?

Well, back to reality, Campfire is one of those tools I like to try and break the heck out of. I've tried so many, end up using AIM/Yahoo/IRC, or GAIM really, and say to myself that here I am again. What would really get me on Campfire would be if it can do higher level things extremely easy for those who don't how to do them, like post pics/movies/docs, and also do higher low level or inside things like allow programmers to add in special company specific things like... oh, I don't know, it depends on the company or the needs. well I'd like it if it could be that part to Campfire and document what was said, allow moderators to add conversations to the project(s), and allow for further brainstorming until the project was complete.

And then for "CB" it's obvious. What got to me is... well, it's the coolest thing ever invented. You type in what you have in your cabinet, and it does what it can.

Veryyyyy dangerous.

Better yet, to the heck with the first two, I like the last.

18 Of 23: Google Docs And Other Online WP Tools

Hmm, honestly, I use GMail as my way to quickly setup docs that need spell checking and the like.

I can save drafts there too, and it's simple. I can access my mail, keep what I send, manage email, etc.

That's until I used Google Docs for the first time.

Yes, I really like it.

It'd be great if you setup tags, or a slew of them maybe in some savable format for ditributing, so that you use their editor not only for personal/work documents, but for actual coding styles and standards for computer programs you're working on...

Yeah, that'd be dangerous. And no, it really doesn't have to do with libraries, but I think they'd like it if their IT people had access to such a tool.

Sounds like a "PhD" project.

Whoo, here I come.

And yes, this is pending everything else I'd like to start.

17 Of 23: A Sandbox Wiki Created With PB Wiki For MD Librarian 23 Thigns

Ok, I did what was asked of me and added the link to my blog using the posted password and all.

I played, I tried, I mean really I did.

I just don't get it.

Maybe I should do a personal PB Wiki for myself and come back?

Most of the links seems like ideas, but mostly half baked since it was a "Sandbox", but some obvious test links were just funny.

Much were about dogs and cats.